December 3, 2012

Could I Hold the Baby? Flip Chart

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by someone who had read an earlier post about the Christmas song "Could I Hold the Baby?".  She inquired about a flip chart for it.  I didn't have one, as the primary chorister at that time had made her own poster board to teach it to our primary.  So I decided to make a flip chart for her.  I have made a slide show of it and posted it below.

If you are interested in the pdf flip chart, please just shoot me an email:  with a request & I'll send it to you!  It'll will be sent to you in 2 separate emails as the file is quite large.

You can purchase the sheet music and mp3 recordings of this song by clicking on the following links:

Could I Hold the Baby? pdf sheet music for $1.50:

Could I Hold the Baby? MP3 recordings for $1.60-$2.00:

**As a quick side note, please know that this song has NOT been published in any of the church magazines and therefore is required to have the approval of your Primary President AND a final approval by your bishop in order for you to teach/sing it in primary or any other church meeting setting.

Beautiful song!!!!!   Still a favorite with my primary and leaders:)  The Spirit that comes as it is being sung is indescribable.  Absolutely awesome.