May 21, 2011

Jesus' Tomb Singing Help

For Jr. Primary's Singing Time on Easter, I made Jesus' Tomb.  I wanted a stone to roll open and closed over the tomb's entrance (pictures are at the bottom of the post).  The children's voices will be "the power of the angel" that will open the tomb.  And of course, my iPhoto has decided to mess with me once again!  I cannot post the pictures of the tomb:(  I will try again tomorrow.  O.k, how about a MONTH later!!  Frustrating!

I will explain the tomb and the resurrection, the reason we celebrate Easter.  I'll make a point to explain who rolled the stone open from the tomb on the 3rd day, then liken it to their voices and the power they have to open this tomb's stone.  Inside of the tomb will be 6 paper heart with a song title on each one.  The stone will be rolled closed.  We will sing 'I Am a Child of God' to start with.  If the kids aren't singing well or paying attention, the tomb stone will remain closed.  When they sing well and are paying attention, the stone will slowly roll open.  I will have a leader open & close it.  When the stone is completely open at the end of the song, a child will be chosen to come up & choose a heart out of the tomb.  I will make a point to explain that they represent the love that Jesus had for us to willingly die & then be resurrected again.  We will repeat as long as time allows.

The songs will be:
  • Jesus Has Risen pg. 70
  • If I Listen With My Heart pg. outline
  • Book of Mormon Stories pg. 118
  • I Hope They Call Me On a Mission pg. 169
  • Stand For the Right pg. 159
  • I Love To See the Temple pg. 95



Because this post is LONG OVERDUE on account of my iPhoto woes, I'm not going to go into detail about how I put the tomb together.  It's pretty self explanatory by the pictures themselves.  However, if you do have questions for the 2012 Easter, just shoot me an email:)   Sheesh, stupid iPhoto.

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