March 27, 2011

Pres. Monson and A Spring Time Visual Aid

I read a blog post on Little LDS Ideas by Sheena.  She researched many quotes specifically by our living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.  I am using her idea & some of the quotes she made available for my Singing Time plan tomorrow.  

I will place the prophet's picture on the board.  I'll have a child come & choose a quote off of the table.  The quote will be read aloud & the other children/leaders are to guess what song would work best to go with the quote.  I have numbered each quote on the back & made a list of songs.  That list is below.

I have also made a visual aid to use for Spring time!  I took a piece of cardboard & taped blue wrapping paper over the front.  I placed 5 different colors of flowers on the front.  (I used double sided sticky tape)  I then cut slits on each end of the cardboard, above the flowers.  Thread some ribbon through it & secure in the back with a large safety pin.  Glue the bee to the ribbon.  (I used 527 Bond Glue)

 On the back of the board I placed colored dots to coordinate with the flowers.  I glued the bee after I had the safety pin over the white dot.  This would put the bee hovering above the white flower.  Then as you hold on to the safety pin, slide it to the desired color of dot.  This will allow the bee to fly & hover over that same color of flower on the front.  You can use this bee board for lots of things.  I'll be using it tomorrow for different ways to sing the songs.  I made picture signs for the color of flowers and how to sing as the bee hovers over it.  I have also listed the ways below.  The pictures are clip art from off the internet.

                Songs for the quotes
                1- Stand for the Right  – pg. 159
                2- I Hope They Call Me On a Mission – pg. 169   OR  Called To Serve – pg. 174
                3- If I Listen With My Heart  -- Outline
                4-A Child’s Prayer – pg. 12
                5-I’m Trying 2B Like Jesus – pg. 78
                6-Nephi’s Courage – pg. 120
                7-Families Can B 2gthr 4ever – pg. 188
                8-I Believe In Being Honest – pg. 149
                9-Thanks 2 R Father – pg. 20
               10-The Dearest Names – pg. 208
                    BLUE: Staccato    YELLOW: Slow     RED: Stop Singing     
                                       (popcorn)                                 (snail)                       (stop sign)                                      

                                                ORANGE: Softly     WHITE: Hum
                                                                      (Shhh pic)                   (humming birds)
                                   Did I mention that I love Spring time?!

March 19, 2011

First Day of Spring

Tomorrow is the First Day of Spring!!!   This is a big deal at our house.  We live in the NW and it rains all the time.  So instead of doing Easter Baskets, we do Spring Baskets to celebrate new life.  It was a fun morning!!  
To continue in the spirit of Spring, I decided to have the primary make their own Flower Arrangement for the Primary Room.  It'll be a lot of fun for them & I'm going to figure out how to hang it on the front of the podium.  

I went to the Dollar Store and bought a basket, foam, and colorful flowers.  I placed the foam in the bottom of the basket to hold the flowers.  Each color of flowers is assigned a song.  A child will be asked to choose a color of flowers & arrange them in the basket.  We'll then sing the assigned song.
Flower Color Songs
      Pink:  If I Listen With My Heart  -- Outline 
         Big Purple:  Follow the Prophet – pg. 110
           Yellow:  Scripture Power – Sheet Music
            Small Purple:  Jesus Wants... Sunbeam – pg. 60
        White:  I Am a Child of God – pg. 2
            Bees:  Stand for the Right – pg. 159
            Butterflies:  Song of choice – pg. ??


March 6, 2011

Primary Song Riddles

Riddles, riddles, and MORE riddles!!

Between my "Emergency Singing Time" plans and this coming Sunday's St. Patrick's Day plan, I have compiled 2 and a half pages of Primary Song Riddles.  They are great to have on hand for those weeks where life sucks you in & you're scrambling to come up with a Singing Time plan.

If you want to copy these for your own use, I'm hoping that you can just click on the image & print it off to a full size sheet.  I'm still learning about & experimenting with my updated computer program & this is a new feature it offers.  If it works well, I'll discontinue using scribd for posting pdf documents.  It'll be much easier.  Now that all that's said, I'm hoping not to have my foot in my mouth:)

St. Patrick's Day Singing Time

I have 12 Foam Shamrocks.  On the back of six of them I will glue a picture of a musical heart.  On the other six will be an Irish Riddle.  The Shamrocks will be taped to the front of the Primary Room Podium.  When it's time for Singing, I'll have "Patrick" (see picture above) in my hands.  His pot will be filled with 48 pieces of gold.  As I walk to the front of the room, I'll "spill" the coins all over the floor.  The kids will help pick up the coins by selecting a shamrock.  Each shamrock is worth 4 coins.  If they come up with the correct riddle answer they earn an extra 2 coins to pick up & place back in Patrick's pot of gold.  If they get a "Song of the Heart" shamrock, another child will come choose a card out of the Songs of the Heart Mailbox.  I have a sheet of riddles for those specific songs on hand.  I will read, or have them read the riddle for that song to guess.  We'll then sing that song & give the card to it's owner.  
Our purpose is two-fold:  First, to get all of the gold coins back into Patrick's pot of gold by the end of Singing Time and second, to begin using the children's Song of the the Heart cards they made back in January.  

You can adapt this idea in many ways that work for your primary.  I added the Songs of the Heart to my plan so that we can start pulling out of the Mailbox.  

Below I have the list of Irish Riddles found off of the internet.  I will just need 6 of them, but they're all great ones:)   I have updated my computer program & have found an option to save pdf documents to my iPhoto.  So I'm HOPING that by posting this riddles image you will be able to click on it & copy it off without having to resort to going to my scribd page (which I haven't posted this on yet because I want to know if you can access it through my iPhoto trick:).  Please try it for me & let me know if it works or not.  I'm most curious!

March 2, 2011

BEE True!

Stand for the Right

This month's song is so simple & I am teaching it only to my Jr. Primary kids.  I am using one of my girls' bees that I crocheted for them last General Conference.  If you want the pattern, it's here.  I was looking at another blog, Arizona Forever, & liked her idea of talking about President Hinckley's 6 B's to help teach the song.  So I made 6 one & a half inch by 2 inch signs for the bee to hold.  I cut them out, laminated them & punched 2 holes in the top corners. 
I took a strand of white floral wire & folded it in half.  Then I held both ends & twisted it tightly to make it more sturdy.  I threaded each end through the bee's top hands & through the back of the TRUE sign.  I secured the ends of the wire & made sure the children couldn't get poked by it. 
With the other 5 signs, I cut slits into each of the holes so that I could slip them on & off as we talk about each "B".  I DID NOT cut slits in the TRUE sign as I want this one to stay on for the entire month.  
With the signs placed on the wire, I'll talk about each one, taking them off as we go.  Once we talk about TRUE, I'll place the following pictures on the board & we'll sing the song.  Song pics:  Pres. Hinckley, work, play, darkness, light, stand for the right

I'll have a child come up to the front & hold the bee.  Every time we sing the words "Be True", they'll hold the bee up high.  We will also use the bee for review games & such in the future...  Like passing it around while singing & when the music stops, who ever is holding it will have to answer a question or say the next words of the song.  Lots of ideas!