June 29, 2013

5th Sunday FUN!

Every 5th Sunday I have the opportunity to use the full 35-40 minutes.  This time I am using a category game to review the doctrine they have been taught thus far in Sharing Time and the program songs we've learned.  Each category has the corresponding program song.  7 songs, 7 categories.  Service is from the month September in the outline.  We learned a song in February about that topic.  Here is the basic plan and I hope to post pictures at a later date.

Category type game: Set up like Family Fued.  2 teams.  1 Member of each team starts at the front room with bug catchers & critters as their buzzers (because it's summer and it's fun!).  Using the 7 learned Program Songs, I will say or sing a portion of a random phrase for them to finish.  First one to catch their critter gets the chance to answer.  If answered correctly, they add their critter to their team jar and that team gets to choose a Category first. If wrong, the other team gets a chance to answer correctly.  If both teams answer incorrectly, I will do a different phrase and start the process again.  1 category per song.  4 questions & 1 *tie breaker question per category.  A critter is earned for each correct answer. Winning Team of chosen category gets to choose which activity to do for that category song.  Chosen category must be completed (a winner) before singing the corresponding song with chosen activity.  Then start entire process over again with different team members at the buzzer to determine the next category.

Word Hat, Yarn Pull, Hot/Cold, 1-2-3 Dice, Paint a Pic, Reverent Mouse, Melody Sticks, Crescendo Croc, Conducting Elephant, 12 Ways 2 Sing carton

-SONGS- I Am a Child of God, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, I'm Learning the Ways of Jesus, If the Savior Stood Beside Me, Priesthood Medley, Follow the Prophet, I Want To Be Baptized

Child of God        HF has a plan for us.  What's it called?  (plan of happiness)
                            Where did our lives begin?  (pre-existence)
                            HF gave us the power to choose.  What's it called? (Agency)
                            When we make good choices, what does HF gives us?  
                          *The result of choices we make are called what? (consequences)
Nature                 Who created the earth? (Jesus Christ, under HF's direction)
                            How long did it take for Jesus to create the earth? (6 days)
                            What is the name of the garden where Adam & Eve first lived?   
                           What is the event called when Adam & Eve left the garden? 
                                  (The Fall)
                         *Why was The Fall part of HF's Plan of Happiness? 
                              (So we could be born on the earth with physical bodies.  Prior 
                                 to The Fall, we all lived in the Spirit World, including Adam &    
                                 Eve while in the Garden of Eden.)
Service              Who is the perfect example for showing us how to serve others? 
                          What does it mean when we serve others? (doing something     
                                good for someone else to help them or bless them.)
                          Who can you serve and how would you do do it?
                          Name 3 people who serve you. 
                                 (Parents, siblings, teachers, bishops)
                        *Fill in the blanks:  "When ye are in the service of your blank-blank 
                             ye are only in the service of your Blank".  (fellow beings-God)                                            
Savior                Who was Jesus' earthly father? (Joseph)
                          Tell of a time when Jesus served another person. 
                                 (Disciple's feet washing, Good Samaritan, Healing the sick)
                          Before Jesus was taken away by soldiers, He went to a special     
                               place to pray.  What is the name of that place?
                                      (Garden of Gethsemane)
                         What does it mean to be resurrected?  (The body and spirit are 
                        *Fill in the blank:  "Because of Christ's blank, I can repent and live 
                                with God again." (Atonement)
Priesthood         Why did the priesthood disappear from the earth?  (Apostasy)
                          The gospel was restored again to the earth through whom? (JS)                         
                          Name one thing, or blessing, that we have today because of the 
                               Aaronic Priesthood. (baptism, passing of the sacrament)
                          Name one thing, or blessing, that we have today because of the 
                                Melchizedek Priesthood. (Confirmation, Healing the sick, 
                                       Sealing, and all temple blessings)
                        *Which arm, or portion of the priesthood was restored first, 
                                Melchizedek or Aaronic? (Aaronic)
                       *Name the Heavenly Messengers that gave the priesthood keys to 
                                Joseph Smith. (A-John the Baptist, M-Peter James & John
Prophets            Who does the prophet follow?  (God or HF)
                          What is the event where we can listen and watch our living    
                                prophet tell us what HF wants us to do to live more 
                                righteously? (General Conference)
                          The prophets teach us to pay our tithing.  How much do we pay?
                                (10% or 1/10th)
                          The prophets teach us to obey the Word of Wisdom.  Name 2      
                                 things that we should NOT allow into our bodies.  
                                        (tobacco, coffee, drugs, alcohol)
                         *Name 3 Latter-day apostles. (Uchdorf, Cook, Anderson, Packer, 
                                  Neilson, Perry, Oaks, Christofferson, Bednar....)
                         *Name all latter-day prophets in order.  (Joseph Smith, Brigham 
                                 Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, 
                                 Joseph F. Smith, Heber J. Grant, George Albert Smith, David 
                                 O. Mckay, Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. 
                                 Kimball, Ezra Taft Benson, Howard W. Hunter, Gordon B. 
                                 Hinckley, & Thomas S. Monson)
Baptism             What does the word "immersion" mean?
                          When we are baptized, we make promises to our HF and He 
                                 makes us promises if we live righteously.  What is the name 
                                 for these special promises?  (Covenant)
                          What special companion are you blessed with after you're 
                                 baptized?  (Holy Ghost)
                          What ordinance can you participate in every week to re-promise, 
                                 or renew your baptismal covenants? (Sacrament)
                        *How many parts or promises are there in the Sacrament Prayer?
                        *What are those 4 promises? (take upon them the name of Thy 
                                Son [hand over heart], to always remember Him [point to    
                                forehead], to keep His commandments [hold out hands like a 
                                book], & to always have His Spirit [wrap arms around self])

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