February 27, 2011

Hello Language Sticks

This isn't a new concept.  But it was new to me!  I found this idea on another blog and was all over it.  I'm all for changing things up with the regularly sung songs.  So I did some research on the internet & found a list that came from the Salt Lake City Olympic games.  It listed how to say "Hello" in 46 different languages.  So if you haven't caught on by now, this idea is for when the Primary sings the "Hello Song" on pg. 260 to visitors.

My first thoughts were to make country flags.  But then I thought of how cumbersome that would become.  I like to keep these kinds of "helps" simple.  I have one small bucket/container that I keep many of these helps in.  So the less space it takes, the better.  So in the end I chose to just use plain old popsicle sticks.  This way the kids couldn't see the countries as well as if I had made them into flags.

On a popsicle stick, I wrote the nationality-phonetic spelling of foreign language-correct spelling of foreign language.  For example:  Hungarian    [ZEE-yah]     Szia

I only do this for the Sr. Primary.  The Jr. Primary is so small & young that I don't know they could comprehend a different languages.  

Take a look at the S.L.C. list for more languages.  I've kept the list so that IF we get bored with the one's we have, I still have plenty more to choose from.



  1. Hi. I was recently called to be primary chorister in my ward and stumbled across your blog while searching for ideas. I love it! It's given me so many great ideas that I'm having a hard time deciding which one to use each week. Was Singing in the Rain the blog you were looking for? I stumbled across this idea over there. I tried it with my combined primary and the Jr. age kids didn't have any problems singing bonjour instead of hello. I say try it with your jr. primary too. I think they can handle it.

  2. Thanks Hallie!!!!! It was Singing In the Rain:) I made the change & reposted it. Bless you:) Hmmm....maybe I will try it with my Jr. Primary.

  3. I have about 10 flags of various countries I found on a website for less than 50 cents each. I have the visitor pick a flag and I wrote how to say Hello in that country on the flag's wooden dowel. I definitely recommend trying this with your Jr primary. They love it. We all practice saying the word together first and they get a kick out of it - as do the teachers.

  4. O.k.!! You gals have convinced me to do this with my Jr. Primary:) I'll let you know how far down my throat my foot goes when they do it. Thanks for nudging me forward:)

  5. I did this too! But I started with only 10 different languages. That way they get good at those ones (and i don't want to slaughter the ones I don't really know how to say on that big list). I highly recommend doing this with both jr. and sr. primary! Don't overwhelm jr primary, but at least do a few. Easy ones, like "hola" "howdy" "aloha" "bonjour" and just one or two more challenging ones "konnichiwa" or "ciao" or "ni hao". I've found that my entire primary enjoys it alot! Once they get good at those first 10 or so, I'll had a few more.