March 2, 2011

BEE True!

Stand for the Right

This month's song is so simple & I am teaching it only to my Jr. Primary kids.  I am using one of my girls' bees that I crocheted for them last General Conference.  If you want the pattern, it's here.  I was looking at another blog, Arizona Forever, & liked her idea of talking about President Hinckley's 6 B's to help teach the song.  So I made 6 one & a half inch by 2 inch signs for the bee to hold.  I cut them out, laminated them & punched 2 holes in the top corners. 
I took a strand of white floral wire & folded it in half.  Then I held both ends & twisted it tightly to make it more sturdy.  I threaded each end through the bee's top hands & through the back of the TRUE sign.  I secured the ends of the wire & made sure the children couldn't get poked by it. 
With the other 5 signs, I cut slits into each of the holes so that I could slip them on & off as we talk about each "B".  I DID NOT cut slits in the TRUE sign as I want this one to stay on for the entire month.  
With the signs placed on the wire, I'll talk about each one, taking them off as we go.  Once we talk about TRUE, I'll place the following pictures on the board & we'll sing the song.  Song pics:  Pres. Hinckley, work, play, darkness, light, stand for the right

I'll have a child come up to the front & hold the bee.  Every time we sing the words "Be True", they'll hold the bee up high.  We will also use the bee for review games & such in the future...  Like passing it around while singing & when the music stops, who ever is holding it will have to answer a question or say the next words of the song.  Lots of ideas!


  1. Cute Tifany! I love that bee. ;o) Your kids will have so much fun with this.

  2. This is adorable. I'm sure the kids will love it! (I wish I could follow a crochet pattern.) :(

  3. They DID love it! I think we sang it about 8 times:) We did add sign language signs just for something more after the 5th time.

    Susan- I remember when I couldn't follow a pattern, either. I was determined to learn how, so I chose a simple baby mitten pattern to conquer. I ended up undoing the mittens 22 times before I FINALLY understood the entire pattern! Yes, I actually counted (I kept tally marks).

  4. I used your idea and the kids LOVED it. It made them learn the song very quickly too. Thanks!