April 5, 2012

I Feel My Savior's Love

This is what our primary president & I strongly felt our primary should learn. Strongly. As in we-both-get-goose-bumps-every-time-we-listen-to-it strongly. A couple of weeks ago I searched for a different arrangement than the one in the Children's Songbook and found it here. I purchased it on the chance it would be what I was looking for. JACKPOT!! It is written lower than the original which is ALWAYS a plus. It has all 4 verses. It has one key change and a simple additional ending. And to top it off, verses 2 & 4 have slightly different rhythm patterns than verses 1 & 3. Same thing with the choruses. Verses 1 & 3 along with the chorus are just like the Children's Songbook. The accompaniment is easy, too.  You can listen to the first bit when you go to the link I provided.  You can also look at the first page to check out the accompaniment level.

I have made a flip chart with key words and have uploaded on scrbd. There are 4 pages per verse plus 4 for the chorus. I will be using the Raindrops & Rainbows to teach the rhythm differences of verses 1 & 2. I will be having a small group sing the 1st & 3rd verses for the program and the entire primary will sing all the choruses and the 2nd & 4th verses.  So I will focus mainly on those & leave the small groups to memorize their parts on their own.

If you have any problems getting the flip chart, email me & I'll send it to you.

I'm excited to learn this song with my primary kiddos!

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