March 2, 2012

Ideas for Stand For the Right

Did you notice the changes I made on the blog?  I'm anticipating Spring and jelly beans remind me that it's coming soon!  Tuesday, March 20th in fact:)  Which means I have less than 3 weeks to get my girls' Spring Baskets ready.  No Easter Baskets from the bunny at our house.  We totally separate the worldly celebration of Easter from the spiritual and TRUE meaning of the special occasion.  Off my soap box and back to the anticipation of SPRING!  

With March's Primary song, "Stand For the Right" I thought it would be perfect to incorporate Spring in teaching it. Last year I made this visual aid for a singing time.  Click here to read how to make one yourself & the way I used it in primary. 
As I thought about ways to teach "Stand For the Right" (aka BEE True!), this zippin' bee board came to mind.  By placing pictures or symbols underneath each flower, BEE can hover over each flower as your primary sings the song.  

BLUE- picture of Pres. Monson: Our prophet has some words for you. 
ORANGE- the words "Be True!": And these are the words: "Be true! Be true!"
RED- pictures of a hammer a sports ball: At work or at play,
YELLOW-  pictures of moon and sun : In darkness or light.
WHITE- picture of CTR symbol: Stand for the right.

Notice that I didn't give the 2nd "Be true, be true!" to another flower.  I figure BEE can zip back 2 flowers to the orange one for it and then zip back to the end flower (white) for "stand for the right".  

This bee board might be a bit difficult for the Jr. Primary kids to manipulate.  Sr. Primary would do great with it, though.  And to continue repeating the song, you could always have them sing different ways (ie. staccato, soft, loud).

Now for something the Jr. Primary will enjoy!  
I thought about the bees & butterflies on strings I made last summer for the Nursery.  By just using the BEE's, we could hold the strings in one hand while we do actions for the song lyrics.  These bees are used for the same purpose I made the leaves on strings. I just changed the lyrics to a summer time song:)  

For "Stand For the Right", each child will stand up & sway their bee string back and forth to the feel of the music.  
  1. Teach "Our prophet has some words for you and these are the words" as you "fly" the bee back & forth.  
  2. When you sing "Be true! Be true!", raise your string hand above your head in a fist.  Then pump it 4 times as you sing "Be true! Be true!". Keep your string hand in a fist for the rest of the song.
  3. For the phrase "At work or at play", act out shoveling dirt and then throwing a ball. 
  4. "In darkness or light", put both fists over your eyes to make it "dark" and then pop your eyes open for light and move your fists to the sides away from your eyes.  
  5. As you move your fists away, prepare the string fist to pump to "Be true, be true"
  6. As you sing "And stand", place the string fist firmly on your chest over your heart.
  7. As you sing "for", stomp one foot firmly on the ground.
  8. As you sing "the", stomp the other foot firmly on the ground right next to the first foot.   
  9. As you sing "right", you can either do a firm nod of your head OR you could raise those string fists firmly in the air & hold them there until Chorister cuts off the singing. I'm liking the picture in my head of them holding up their string fists until the cut off.  I can imagine battle swords in those little fists representing their choice in standing for truth & righteousness in this world:)
Slow the song down at the end so that you have enough time to do the actions to emphasize the lyrics.

This last idea is what I actually did to teach the Jr. Primary this song LAST year.  
These are just some ideas I had and I wanted to share.  If you're looking for some inspiration, maybe these with spark a little something for you!


  1. LoVe all your ideas. Thanks for sharing! I'm also glad to know that I'm not the only one who does "spring baskets". I get some strange looks from some of my friends when they hear that is our tradition.

  2. Love the idea, from another chorister website they suggested throwing in all the 6 be's from President Gordon B Hinkley because the song is so short and easy to learn, and it keeps them on there toes, to sing the right one that's up there, be smart, be clean, be true, be prayerful, be grateful, be humble, I wrote each "be" on a popsicle stick and let the kids randomly pick which 2 be's were going up on the board for the class to sing. Thank you for your post! :)