November 22, 2011

Christmas Songs Flip Charts

I have been making Christmas song flip charts, too!  I LOVE Christmas music:)  I make myself wait until the day after Halloween to load up my stereo.  I actually made it to November 3rd this year!

Our Christmas Story Tree By Jan Pinborough & Michael F. Moody was published in The Friend Magazine, December 2010.  There is even an mp3 of it!  I started teaching it to the Sr. Primary just this last week.  I have a 32 inch fake Christmas tree.  I found little ornaments at Walmart for about $2 for each kind (angels, silver stars, red packages).  I already had mini candy canes that we use every year on our family Christmas tree.  To introduce the song, I sang it to them as I decorated the tree according to the words in the song.  With the parts of the song that told what the ornaments represented, I used those specific flip chart pages & placed them on the chalk board.  Once I made it through the song, we discussed what the ornaments represent.  By the end of our discussion, all of the flip chart pages were up on the board.  Then I chose someone to come up and add another set of ornaments as we sang the song together.  I had 4 sets of each ornament total.

Lullaby, Little One By Larry A. Allred was published in The Friend Magazine in December of 1999.  I have been torn between teaching the primary this song or "Our Christmas Story Tree"!  If I hadn't taken the time to teach them those Thanksgiving songs, I would be able to teach them both.  BUT, it's not very often they get to learn a new Thanksgiving song & they loved it!  So this is on my list for next year & I already have the flip chart finished:)  I'm such an over achiever!  This Lullaby, Little One song is a beautiful song & I still find myself humming it as I go about my day.

Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus pg. 38 in the Children's Songbook is always a favorite!

The Shepherd's Carol pg. 40b in the Children's Songbook is short and fun to sing.  This can be sung in a round, up to 4 groups.  I don't like how "mushy" is sounds with all 4 groups singing, so I only do 2.

The Nativity Song pg. 52 in the Children's Songbook is great!  It is a LONG one, though.  But you just can't leave out any of the verses without it feeling incomplete.  We sang this one last year. Instead of having all of the kids learn all of the verses, I split them up.

On the first flip chart page of their assigned verse, I placed a bright piece of paper that had a picture to represent their classes (Jr. was a smiling sun for the Sunbeams and a CTR shield for the older classes) or I just wrote their class name (Sr. Valiant Girls or Boys).  If ALL kids were to sing, I had an "ALL" sign that even the Jr. Primary kids understood.  This was enough for the kids to know when it was their turn to sing & they could see exactly what they were to be singing.  When we came to a class part that wasn't currently in our Singing Time (we do separate Jr. & Sr. singing/sharing times), it was the teachers' job to sing so that the kids could practice NOT singing when it wasn't their turn.  It worked great & by the time they sang in Sacrament Meeting they did a wonderful job!

So this is how I split up the song:
Verse 1:  ALL
Verse 2: Valiant Girls
Verse 3: Jr. Primary
Verse 4: Valiant Boys
Verse 5: ALL

If you have a larger primary, you can further split the verses into "a" and "b" parts.  The "a" parts would be the first 2 lines of the verse and the "b" parts would be the last 2 lines of the song.

Happy Christmas Singing! 


  1. Thank you, thank you for the Our Christmas Story Tree flipchart! I was worried that I wouldn't have time to make one this weekend and now I don't have to. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're welcome. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

  3. Wonderful! I wanted to teach The Nativity Song, but was nervous at the length....PERFECT! is all I can say. :) Thanks!

  4. Is there anyway you can email this .pdf file? I am not a Scribd premium member and cannot download the file. Thanks!

    1. Yes! I only use scribd to let others see the flip charts with the hope that they won't pay for it and just email me their request. There are a lot of different flip charts in t specific post. Which one(s) are you interested in?

  5. Could I get you to email Lullaby Little One to me? I love it! Thanks.

  6. Can you please e-mail Lullaby Little one to me as well

  7. can i get the nativity song please? These are awesome by the way :) thank you -

  8. Thank you for sharing my little song in such a nice way. :)

  9. I love the idea of dividing up the Nativity song!

  10. Would you please email me the flip chart to Our Christmas Story Tree? Thanks