December 31, 2011

As a Child of God

Happy New Year!

On to a new year of primary program songs!  This month's song is "As a Child of God" by Janice Kapp Perry.  It's in the outline on page 28.  It's a simple song for many reasons:  
1- it's short.  (Compared to last years' January song anyway.)  
2- The chorus is just over half of the length of the song.  
3- The 3 verses are short.  
4- The melody flows beautifully.
I'm sure there's more reasons that can be listed, but I'll stop there.  

I don't know about your primary, but every first Sunday of the year for ours is a bit chaotic.  Everyone is meeting their new teacher & finding their new classrooms.  New Sunbeams become traumatized at the realization that Nursery no longer is their classroom and strive to be brave.  Naturally, Singing & Sharing Time tend to be a bit shorter.  There are 5 Sundays this month, so that will help in planning how to teach this song.  But for tomorrow, my plan is just to introduce the first verse & chorus to them.  I have made a flip chart for all 3 verses & chorus and have posted it on my scribd account for you.  

"As a child of God
I have also made the chorus pictures onto Vellum Paper (Walmart, who knew?) in the 4x6 picture size.  I put them into a simple 3 frame collage frame I bought for $3 at Walmart.  I cut the entire backing of the frame off & taped each vellum picture to the glass (which doesn't come out anyway).

I receive special light: The Holy Ghost
For the "I receive special light:" portion, I downloaded a kaleidoscope image & printed it onto the Vellum Paper as well.  I didn't do this image as part of the flip chart, though.  Just for this project.  The can of finish you see is simply to hold up the frame while I shine the flashlight & take pictures:)

helps me to know what is right." 
Once the 3 Vellum pictures are in the frame, I'll shine a flashlight from behind each picture as I sing (Christ & child, special light, baptism) the chorus.  I will place verse 1  of my flip chart on the board.  I'll shine the flashlight on them as I sing, then move it to shine from behind the framed chorus Vellum pictures I'll have in my other hand. 

Simple enough, huh?  But you can just use the flip chart pages for the chorus, too and still use the flashlight to shine on each picture as you sing.  Have the kids take turns with the flashlight as they sing.  I think they'll like it!


  1. Thank you for sharing your great ideas for this song. I was wondering if you had had a link to this song in pdf or something other than scribd. I don't have a facebook account. Thanks!

  2. To Anonymous-I do have it on my computer in pdf form. If you'll email me, I can email it back to you:)

  3. I'm another who would love to have the flip chart pdf emailed to me if you wouldn't mind.
    thank you so much

  4. I just want to say thanks for sharing your brilliant, inspired, exciting ideas with others! I wish I had seen this earlier. I think I will still make it, even though they will know the song already, the kids will enjoy this flash light project and the memory of the concept of special light will stay with them forever. You are wonderful. when i tried to post this as a google account, it would not let me, so I chose anonymous....

    thanks, Sherri Bowthorpe

  5. This is a great idea. Would you email me the PDF form as well? Thanks!

  6. This is a great idea. Would you email me the PDF form of the flip chart as well? Thanks!

  7. You have all been kind to leave a comment! Thank you so much for your support. Hopefully all of you have received the pdf form that I emailed you. If you haven't, it's because I don't have your email address. Just let me know it & my pdf packet is yours:)

  8. Can I still get the PDF packet? I know this is an older post, but still really valid!!!

  9. I would love your PDF flip chart.

  10. What a beautiful idea for this song. would you please email me the pdf also. Thanks so much.