January 15, 2012

Snow Day!

Living in the Northwest Puget Sound area, we rarely experience snow.  So when it happens, it's quite an exciting thing!  This morning was no exception.  Although I had Singing Time planned & ready to go for today, I just felt that we should celebrate the unusual weather.

Last year, I found this "Emergency" Singing Time Plan on Kathleen's blog.  As a person who LOVES to plan ahead, I thought it a great idea to be prepared for a Singing Time Emergency.  So I made the snowflakes, riddle lists, song lists and informed the Primary presidency about it.  Well you know what they say:  "Plan for an emergency and chances are you'll never have one".  So true!   So I decided that the Sunday snowfall qualified for an Emergency Singing Time today.

The kids were all hyped up because of the fun weather & this Singing Time kept them plenty busy!  Next week we'll just do what I'd already had planned for today.  No harm done, no time lost!

If you choose to use my riddle & song list, just make this change to #5:
Riddle-When you were born, your were given a special light.  This gift helps you choose the right.  What song am I?  (As a Child of God-2012 Outline)

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