January 20, 2012

2012 Primary Program Songs

I love how we are given a bit of freedom with 2 of the 8 months!  After much pondering & prayer, this is the final list of our program songs:

January- As a Child of God, 2012 Outline (3 verses)

February- Build An Ark, Sept. 2010 "Friend" (2 verses)

March- *Stand For the Right, CS 159 (1 Verse) [Jr. Primary Only]
           Choose the Right, Hymn 239 (Verses 1 & 3 Only)
            [Sr. Primary Only, with Jr. Primary joining for the chorus only]
              EASTER SONGS: 
                         *Jesus Has Risen, CS 70
                         *Hosanna!, CS 66

April- I Feel My Savior's Love, CS 74 (4 verses)
               [All kids sing vss. 1 & 4, small group or solo sing 
                           vss 2 & 3, All kids sing chorus]
                   Mother Dear I Love You So, CS 206a (3 verses)
                   An Angel To Watch Over Me, by Sally DeFord (3 Verses)
                             [All primary vss. 1 & 3, YW vss. 2 & 3]

May- "Give", Said the Little Stream, CS 236 (3+ verses)
            [other lyrics will be added & the song will be arranged by myself]
            FATHER'S DAY SONGS:
                  *Daddy's Homecoming, CS 210
                  *The Family is Of God, (Verse 2 only)
                  *When I Hear My Father Pray, Mar. Ensign '83

June- Nephi's Courage, CS 120 (3 verses) *[They know verse 1!]
              PATRIOTIC SONGS: TBD

July- *When I Am Baptized, CS 103 (2 verses)
              PIONEER SONGS:  TBD

August- *I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus, CS 78 (verse 1 only)
                          [Jr. Primary Only]
           *Scripture Medley (Scripture Power/Hand In Hand)
                         [Small Group Only]

*NOTE: Songs our primary kids already know!

I am not teaching the songs in the same order as in the Outline.  I try to teach the more difficult songs the first 6 months of the year.  So many families are gone for the entire summer that learning songs those months is pointless.  Why work twice as hard when you can plan ahead & make your life a bit easier:)  My motto:  "Planning allows you to be lazy".  We have always held our program at the end of October.  So by September, I'm already working on brushing up the program songs during Singing Times.  There's no time to LEARN a new song by then.

Also, don't forget that you always need to add holiday songs for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, & Pioneer Day.  I included those holiday songs with the monthly song list.  That way I can plan my Singing Times accordingly.

What songs are your Primary kids doing this year?  Please share!


  1. We sang "Build an Ark" in our program last year and it was one of my kids favorites. I made a flip chart that I would love to share with anyone interested. I also downloaded both versions of the music files (singing/accompaniment). I am attaching the sheet music, too. We also, sang "When I am Baptized."

    For one of our reviews I brought a yellow umbrella and put laminated raindrops on it with different song names. When I taught "When I am Baptized" I made rainbow ribbon wands for our primary. I did not give them as gifts but kept them so we could use them many times. I would choose a child to lead the music with me and all the other children followed our patterns. We would make large rainbows over our head or figure eights and then when we came to the fermata on the word "Can" we would point our wands to the floor and twirl it in a spiral like a large whirlpool. We talked about how reverent the song is and that our wands should be reverent (no loud snapping noises). I bought dowels at Lowe's or Home Depot and they chopped them for me. I bought fishing swivels at Walmart that I inserted into the dowel then tied the ribbon through. We will use them again this year. We did not use them in the Sacrament Program. I also brought a large rainstick that my friend gave me. I would let a child turn it over very slowly to make the rain sound. Chimes are also nice. Let me know if you can attach the files to share.

    1. I would love a copy of your flip chart!! brooke.larsen@live.com

    2. I would love a copy of your flip chart!! Thanks. brooke.larsen@live.com

  2. Merry Mary! I would love to use your flip chart! How can I contact you? Maybe better yet here's my email address you can send it to maybe? dalyn37@hotmail Thank you so much for your willingness to share your hard work. Those things are not easy to put together.

    1. I would also like to use your flip chart. My email is danadeband6@gmail.com
      Thank you, Thank you

    2. Dalyn & Debbie-I tried emailing you the link, but I kept getting those email demons saying you email addresses weren't valid. So I downloaded the chart on my scribd account for you to access them in pdf form. Hope that helps:)


  3. Hello! and have the song "Build an Ark" in Spanish? this song is beautiful and I like to sing with my children this Sunday at the time to share. Thank you!

    1. Maggy- I can't find the song in Spanish. I'm sorry:( I wish I could translate it for you, but it's a job beyond my capabilities. Sing it to them in English anyway. They might enjoy it all the same:)