January 22, 2012

Build An Ark & When I Am Baptized

In my last post, I mentioned that I'm teaching my primary the song "Build An Ark" for the month of February.  I was contacted via email by Mary Judy who taught this song to her primary last year.  She has graciously offered all of her visuals to share with you on my blog.

I have copied and pasted the following email from Mary that explains what she did for both "Build An Ark" and "When I Am Baptized" (which is a program song this year):

We sang "Build an Ark" in our program last year and it was one of my kids favorites. I made a flip chart that I would love to share with anyone interested. I also downloaded both versions of the music files (singing/accompaniment). I am attaching the sheet music, too. We also, sang "When I am Baptized."

For one of our reviews I brought a yellow umbrella and put laminated raindrops on it that matched the flip chart phrases. When I taught "When I am Baptized" I made rainbow ribbon wands for our primary. I did not give them as gifts but kept them so we could use them many times. I would choose a child to lead the music with me and all the other children followed our patterns. We would make large rainbows over our head or figure eights and then when we came to the fermata  on the word "Can" we would point our wands to the floor and twirl it in a spiral like a large whirlpool. We talked about how reverent the song is and that our wands should be reverent (no loud snapping noises). I bought dowels at Lowes or Home Depot and they chopped them for me. I bought fishing swivels at Walmart that I inserted into the dowel then tied the ribbon through. We will use them again this year. We did not use them in the Sacrament Program. I also brought a large rainstick that my friend gave me. I would let a child turn it over very slowly to make the rain sound. Chimes are also nice.

I have uploaded these visuals to my scribd account.  This will make them easy for you to access.  However, if you have any problems or questions, email me & I can send the pdf documents to you via email.

I can't say it enough:  THANKS MARY!


  1. Thanks to both of you!!! What wonderful ideas and chart!

  2. What a sweet song! Thank you for posting this. I just got put into the presidency and am trying to prepare Sunday's sharing time and plan on using this song as part of it. Again, thank you!!

  3. Could you please email me the flip chart? joolin.rice@gmail.com. Thanks!

  4. It says I have to pay for a Scribd account before I can print the flipchart? Is that the case, or am I just doing something wrong?

    1. Susie, Scribd has changed how they run their site since I last posted flip charts on it. Yes, you do have to pay now and I do not get a single penny of it. Therefore, I no longer use scribd and I would be happy to email you any of my flip charts and such for zero charge. (I don't ever charge to share my materials) Just send me a request for what you'd like at thoeche@gmail.com

  5. Can you please email me the raindrops for Build an Ark? They are so cute and I done have a Scribd account. My email is chattycat2000@gmail.com
    Thanks! Catherine Grames

  6. AnonymousMay 11, 2014

    Will you please email me the file as well.... tiff.roy@comcast.net. Thank you so much!!

  7. Will you please email me the file with the raindrops for Build An Ark? They are darling! coreyanita@hotmail.com

  8. AnonymousMay 09, 2015

    Tifany will you also email me the raindrops please? my email is lucyvanorden@yahoo.com. Thanks so much. They are adorable!