March 27, 2011

Pres. Monson and A Spring Time Visual Aid

I read a blog post on Little LDS Ideas by Sheena.  She researched many quotes specifically by our living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.  I am using her idea & some of the quotes she made available for my Singing Time plan tomorrow.  

I will place the prophet's picture on the board.  I'll have a child come & choose a quote off of the table.  The quote will be read aloud & the other children/leaders are to guess what song would work best to go with the quote.  I have numbered each quote on the back & made a list of songs.  That list is below.

I have also made a visual aid to use for Spring time!  I took a piece of cardboard & taped blue wrapping paper over the front.  I placed 5 different colors of flowers on the front.  (I used double sided sticky tape)  I then cut slits on each end of the cardboard, above the flowers.  Thread some ribbon through it & secure in the back with a large safety pin.  Glue the bee to the ribbon.  (I used 527 Bond Glue)

 On the back of the board I placed colored dots to coordinate with the flowers.  I glued the bee after I had the safety pin over the white dot.  This would put the bee hovering above the white flower.  Then as you hold on to the safety pin, slide it to the desired color of dot.  This will allow the bee to fly & hover over that same color of flower on the front.  You can use this bee board for lots of things.  I'll be using it tomorrow for different ways to sing the songs.  I made picture signs for the color of flowers and how to sing as the bee hovers over it.  I have also listed the ways below.  The pictures are clip art from off the internet.

                Songs for the quotes
                1- Stand for the Right  – pg. 159
                2- I Hope They Call Me On a Mission – pg. 169   OR  Called To Serve – pg. 174
                3- If I Listen With My Heart  -- Outline
                4-A Child’s Prayer – pg. 12
                5-I’m Trying 2B Like Jesus – pg. 78
                6-Nephi’s Courage – pg. 120
                7-Families Can B 2gthr 4ever – pg. 188
                8-I Believe In Being Honest – pg. 149
                9-Thanks 2 R Father – pg. 20
               10-The Dearest Names – pg. 208
                    BLUE: Staccato    YELLOW: Slow     RED: Stop Singing     
                                       (popcorn)                                 (snail)                       (stop sign)                                      

                                                ORANGE: Softly     WHITE: Hum
                                                                      (Shhh pic)                   (humming birds)
                                   Did I mention that I love Spring time?!


  1. This is a REALLY cute idea. I'd like to make one for our Primary. I hope I can have enough time to. Maybe during General Conference. :)

  2. FYI: I learned that 5 colors all at the same time during a song is too much! So the children could choose to switch off between the yellow & white colors, or the blue & orange ones. They were always allowed to use the red tulip for STOP at any time. It made it a lot easier. Their favorite was the blue: popcorn (staccato)!

  3. How big is it? Do you have dimensions. Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's not big. It's about 2.5 feet long and maybe 15 inches tall

    2. I also used this last Sunday as a "way to sing" aid. If the bee hovered 1 of the 3 chosen flowers, the kids would sing while standing up, sitting down, or just hum. They liked it!