March 6, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Singing Time

I have 12 Foam Shamrocks.  On the back of six of them I will glue a picture of a musical heart.  On the other six will be an Irish Riddle.  The Shamrocks will be taped to the front of the Primary Room Podium.  When it's time for Singing, I'll have "Patrick" (see picture above) in my hands.  His pot will be filled with 48 pieces of gold.  As I walk to the front of the room, I'll "spill" the coins all over the floor.  The kids will help pick up the coins by selecting a shamrock.  Each shamrock is worth 4 coins.  If they come up with the correct riddle answer they earn an extra 2 coins to pick up & place back in Patrick's pot of gold.  If they get a "Song of the Heart" shamrock, another child will come choose a card out of the Songs of the Heart Mailbox.  I have a sheet of riddles for those specific songs on hand.  I will read, or have them read the riddle for that song to guess.  We'll then sing that song & give the card to it's owner.  
Our purpose is two-fold:  First, to get all of the gold coins back into Patrick's pot of gold by the end of Singing Time and second, to begin using the children's Song of the the Heart cards they made back in January.  

You can adapt this idea in many ways that work for your primary.  I added the Songs of the Heart to my plan so that we can start pulling out of the Mailbox.  

Below I have the list of Irish Riddles found off of the internet.  I will just need 6 of them, but they're all great ones:)   I have updated my computer program & have found an option to save pdf documents to my iPhoto.  So I'm HOPING that by posting this riddles image you will be able to click on it & copy it off without having to resort to going to my scribd page (which I haven't posted this on yet because I want to know if you can access it through my iPhoto trick:).  Please try it for me & let me know if it works or not.  I'm most curious!

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  1. I love your idea of "exchanging" the coins for songs and earning extra for answering the questions. Even without coins or holidays, that basic exchanging idea works. Your kids will have extra fun with that cute Patrick! Thanks Tifany. ;o)