March 6, 2011

Primary Song Riddles

Riddles, riddles, and MORE riddles!!

Between my "Emergency Singing Time" plans and this coming Sunday's St. Patrick's Day plan, I have compiled 2 and a half pages of Primary Song Riddles.  They are great to have on hand for those weeks where life sucks you in & you're scrambling to come up with a Singing Time plan.

If you want to copy these for your own use, I'm hoping that you can just click on the image & print it off to a full size sheet.  I'm still learning about & experimenting with my updated computer program & this is a new feature it offers.  If it works well, I'll discontinue using scribd for posting pdf documents.  It'll be much easier.  Now that all that's said, I'm hoping not to have my foot in my mouth:)


  1. This is lovely Tifany! It will be wonderful to have these on hand. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  2. Wow, this is soooo cool! You've gone to a lot of work! Thanks so much!

    By the way, I printed these off just fine! How did you upload them without using scribd or anything? Whatever you did, it worked like a charm--and the quality's great!

  3. Thanks for the feed back, Amy! I own a Mac computer & just upgraded it for the first time since purchasing it 4 years ago. Mac always has had a document converter built right in so that I can put them in PDF form. However, with the upgrade, not only will it still do that, it'll also take a "picture" of it & store it in my iPhoto. Then I can just upload it onto my blogs as a photo. You're the first to respond about how it worked for the outside world:) To know that it worked & also has good quality makes me very happy:)

    Glad that you can get some good use out of these riddles. I'm all for sharing when it's something that can be of help to others without them doing all of the work, too. :)

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  5. hi it didnt work for me. are you able to email it?