December 5, 2010

Christmas Music Chain

I've had a pretty busy week.  I've spent a lot of time preparing myself & my piano students for next weeks Christmas recital.  Then on Saturday, my plan of making suckers with my girls extended from 4 hours to over 10!  Therefore, Singing Time preparations for today were non-existent.  I came up with a flimsy plan late last night & got to work on it this morning.  As I was preparing, I perused some of my favorite blogs.  I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Kristen @ "I Sing U Sing" for the idea of a Christmas Paper Chain for Singing!

Our primary is singing 3 songs in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday, December 12th.  We've been working on the songs since the first week in November.  So for today, I just wanted to go through each of the songs once and then move on.  But to what?  This is where that wonderful idea comes in:

We made a 7 link paper chain using 3 colors.  Each color represent one of the songs they are performing next week.  Each night they are to rip off a color & then practice the assigned song for their family.  The idea is to get them ready for Sunday by implementing the practicing at home for the week.

I had each "chain kit" put together & in a bag.  I handed the bags out to the teachers for their class.  Once we'd sung the 3 songs, we spent the rest of Singing Time putting the chains together.  
The children will definitely be ready for next week!!

Thanks, Kristen!

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