December 11, 2010

Christmas Singing Time

This idea was shared by Kristen @ I Sing U Sing.  She has so many wonderful ideas that I've used over the last few weeks!  I did modify it a bit to fit my primary.  Some of the songs I chose are different & therefore I needed to use different scripture references.  I'm going to use a mini Nativity set I was given when first married many years ago.  It's one that I've always allowed my girls (that's right, no boys!) to play with even when little.  I will have all of the pieces set up except for the following:

Nativity scene:  

1.  Angel- Helaman 14:2 (sing "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus", CS 36.  Flip chart)
2.  Mary- Luke 2:15-16 (sing "The Shepherd's Carol", CS 40.  Flip chart)
3.  Jesus- Luke 2:7 (sing "Away In a Manger", CS 42.  Chime/flip chart)
4.  Shepherd- Luke 2:8-10 (sing "Stars Were Gleaming", CS 37.  Chime/flip chart)
5.  Wiseman- Matt. 2:1, 11 (sing "Picture a Christmas", CS 50. Pics/Frame)

These pieces I will place throughout the room, in plain sight.  The children will choose one to place with the other pieces of the Nativity Scene & we'll sing the song that corresponds with it.  The Sr. Primary will also read the scriptures before singing the song.

The flip chart for "Samuel Tells..." is one from another wonderful site.  I love it when people share!  The flip chart for "The Shepherd's Carol" is one that I did and you're welcome to download.  The idea I got from the website or blog linked for "Picture A Christmas" pics/frame is worth checking out, too.  I did download my own pictures, but I didn't keep a file for it.  The flip charts for the other 2 songs & one chime chart were used by former choristers in my ward & I'm reusing them.

I made the chime chart for "Stars Were Gleaming".  I only did the first verse.  The main notes are the letters above the words that are written in blue marker (it's kind of hard to tell with this picture).  The purple letters are the harmony notes that the Sr. Primary can do.  I included the notes of the last 2 measures of the song.  It just needs to have the chimes to give it a finished sound:)  

Whew!  This Christmas Singing Time should take 2 weeks accomplish.  I'm counting on it anyway:)  We're singing songs in Sacrament Meeting this Sunday as well.  So it'll be nice to sing different Christmas songs.  Have a great weekend!  Get that shopping done:)

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