January 18, 2011

Have a Very Happy Birthday

With Christmas over, I thought it would be fun to spend December 26th celebrating birthdays.  I wanted to teach the primary kids a new Birthday song.  I get kinda bored with the other ones:)  So a new flip chart was born!  Have a Very Happy Birthday flip chart   This song is found in the Children's Songbook on page 284b.  I chose verses 1 & 3.  It's a very upbeat song & goes quickly!  The Jr. Primary loves the 3rd verse the best.  They like to take a moment to "blow" out the candle.

I also took time to have some fun with the other Birthday songs.  For Jr. Primary, we worked on the "You've Had a Birthday" pg. 285.  They came up with other words to replace the "wiser" word.  Many of the words weren't quite what I was looking for.  But I had a list of words that another Primary had come up with to go off of.  I then wrote each of these words on yellow strips of paper & laminated them.  One birthday child gets to choose a paper & we sing the song to them all using the word that was chosen.
Dapper                        Happy
Sagacious                   Excellent
Sensible                        Greater
Brainier                         Sharper
Keener                         Brighter
Brilliant                          Intelligent
Astute                           Smarter

For the Sr. Primary, we worked on the "Your Happy Birthday" on page 283.  Again, I had a list from another Primary to help the kids come up with 3 & 4 silly syllable words to replace "zip-a-dee-ay" and "heigh-dee-ho".  I wrote the 4 syllable words on blue strips of paper & the 3 syllable ones on red &  laminated them.  I choose 2 of the birthday kids that day to draw a blue and a red strip of paper.  We then sing the song using those silly syllable words as substitutes.  Neither of these 2 Birthday Song ideas came from my less than creative mind.  I found them online at Sugardoodle while researching for ideas:)

HAP-A-REE  DAP                   FA-LIP-UH  DOE
SAP-O-RAM  PAM                KOK-A-LOW  UH
KISS-A-MOO  DOO              TIP-A-TEE  TIP
PEEP-A-SAL  MAL                  DOO-DA-DIPPA  DEE
BOP-E-TAP  LAP                    DOO-DA-DIPPITY  AY
MISS-TOE-KEET                WEE-ZOP-ZOO
DRAPE-A-MOT                BUR-EEE-TOE
BAR-KEY-TROT                 HIGH-TEE-OH
WHURR-A-LOO               ZEE-BA-DOO
VEEP-A-LEEP                    TIP-A-DEE
GOOT-A-ZUR                   WIZ-DA-DOO
YIPPY-KYE-AY                   YUCK-TOE-JAM
DOO-DA-DEE                 WEE-WEE-WEE

We had a great time that day!  It was nice to learn a new song that didn't have
anything to do with the upcoming Program for 2011.  But boy have we hit
the ground running since then!  Whew!

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