January 22, 2011

January Review Week

Tomorrow is our review day.  I had told the primary kids on week 1 that if they learned all 3 verses of January's song by the end of the 4th week, we'd have a game day on week 5.  So tomorrow's a big, big day!  I have cut out the pictures of If I Listen Verse Pics Only.  No words.  I'll place the pictures on the table & have a child come up to choose the ones that go to verse 1.  We'll place them on the chalkboard & do a quick review run through.  Then we'll have do an activity to re-enforce that verse.  We'll repeat this process for each verse, allowing a total of 6 minutes per verse.

Below, I've listed the activities for each verse.  The Pitch Sticks & Paint a Melody are ideas I found on The Children Sing Blog. The concept is similar to what we did with the Lily Pads & Frogs when learning verse 2, so it won't take much time to explain it to them.  I found colorful sticks at the dollar store to use & a 30 pack of brushes at Joanne's for $1.99.

Verse 1:  Pitch Sticks
Verse 2:  Paint the Melody
Verse 3:  Crescendo the Crocodile

If I feel the Paint the Melody will be to "babyish" for the Sr. Primary, I'll just pull out the Lily Pads & Frogs.  They loved that!  If I do, it'll be for the 1st verse and then use the Pitch Sticks for the 2nd verse.

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