November 20, 2010

Giving Thanks Medley

I've been teaching the children 2 songs:  Thanks to Our Father & I Am Glad for Many Things.   So I had an idea last week.  I put the two songs together to make a medley.  I will be teaching it to the kids tomorrow!  I have a flip chart already made for Thanks To Our Father & we'll just use those for this medley.  Then I'll just have a heart with music notes on it for the 4th verse.  I'm confident they all know the 1st verse:)

I also went on the LDS Music website & copied off both songs individually.  Then I placed Thanks to Our Father under I Am Glad for Many things & re-copied it as a single page for our pianist.  This will make it easier for him to go from one song to the other & back again.  Can't wait to try it out! 

Giving Thanks Medley Lyrics

Verse 1:  I Am Glad…CS 151
I am glad for many things, many things, many things.  I am glad for many things that are mine today.

Verse 2:  Thanks to Our…CS 20b
Eyes and ears and hands and feet, clothes to wear, and food to eat;

Verse 3:  Thanks to Our… CS 20b
Father, mother, baby small, Heav’nly Father gives us all.

Verse 4:  I Am Glad… CS 151
Thank you, thank you, my heart sings, my heart sings, my heart sings.  Thank you for the many things that are mine today.

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