November 28, 2010

Reverence Mouse

I found this free crochet pattern of a mouse.  I made one for our Jr. Primary.  Like all primary's, some days are more reverent than others.   Kids love to hold stuffed toys and animals.  On days that are a bit more difficult to maintain reverence, I'll pull out the Reverence Mouse.  As the kids sing the songs, I'll watch for someone being reverent & yet still singing.  I'll hand them the Reverence Mouse to hold through the next song & then pass it on to someone else, repeating for each song.  
It's amazing how quickly the children will calm down:)  I have also pulled the mouse out for comforting purposes.  Sometimes the little Sunbeams become upset for one reason or another & cry.  To help them feel better & to hopefully keep them in Primary, I'll give them the mouse to hold.  Then the entire Jr. Primary will sing that child's favorite song or a reverence song to help him feel better.  It works every time!


  1. This mouse is sooooo cute! I like the idea of rewarding reverent behavior. What a bonus that it helps the little ones as well.

  2. I love this idea. I'm doing it this Sunday. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. Jill