November 28, 2010

It's Autumntime

This is an idea I read about on Sugardoodle.  I already had store bought material leaves from a few years ago & I always have yarn:)
I used a blunt craft needle to thread the yarn through the leaf.  I tied a knot on both sides of the leaf to prevent it from coming off.
I left about an 8" tail of yarn for the children to hold on to & sway the leaf in time with the music.  It's a wonderful way to explain the "feel" of the songs.  

We began by singing "It's Autumntime" (CS pg. 246).  We swayed the leaves in time with the beat.  Once comfortable with that, we had the pianist set the tempo.  When he sped up, we swayed faster.  When he slowed, we swayed slower.  

We also used this concept with "Rain Is Falling All Around"(CS pg. 241).  Except we sang "Leaves are falling all around".  The Jr. Primary children loved it & they could hear & feel the tempo differences.  

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