November 28, 2010

Thomas E. Normous

This is Thomas E. Normous.  He doesn't have any tail feathers.  They were originally plucked to prepare Thomas for someone's Thanksgiving Feast.  However, he got lucky and didn't end up on anyone's table!  So the Jr. Primary worked hard to give him his beautiful tail feathers back for another year.  They earned 3 feathers for every song they sang today to help Thomas's tail return.  

 They absolutely loved it!
One thing that I have learned recently as the Primary Chorister is that Jr. Primary children love to build things......and Sr. Primary children love to tear them down!  So once the Jr. Primary succeeded in giving Thomas his tail, Sr. Primary proceeded to pluck them right out again!  Everyone was happy.  Well, except Thomas E. Normous:(   See ya next year, Thomas E. Normous!!

I made Thomas E. Normous by crocheting around a 6" styrofoam ball (body), and a 3" one (head).  This way the feathers can be pushed in over & over again & hold firm.  I don't have a pattern, I just did it free hand.  I made the feet & stuffed them so that Thomas could stand independently.  Thanks to my oldest daughter, Brynn, for coming up with a clever name for him!


  1. Love your observation about Jr. primary building and Sr. primary tearing things down. So true, so true!

  2. I am my wards new chorister, and I have zero musical ability...really! So I am so thankful for people like you who take the time to share your talents so the less talented (Me), can learn and get ideas! THANK YOU!