November 21, 2010

Turkey Land of the Free

Here is Tommy the Turkey & his wife Betsy.  They love each other very much!  

Oh, no!  Tommy has been kidnapped to be served for Thanksgiving Dinner!  

Betsy was able to get away & go to "Turkey Land of the Free".  She missed Tommy so much!  She knew that he didn't have a good chance of getting away to live with her again in the beloved land of free turkeys. 

  But Betsy just knew that if the primary children could sing the songs beautifully and strong, Tommy would be able to sneak away from certain doom & on to freedom, one plate at a time.  


First they sang "The Nativity Song".   Twice!  They were able to help Tommy get off the carving plate:)  Next came the Giving Thanks Medley.  The children did such an awesome job of sing two songs as one that Tommy was able to sneak over 2 more plates!  Nice job kiddos!  He's just one song away from eternal bliss.  What better way to guarantee his freedom than to sing "Could I Hold the Baby?"?  *Sigh!*  They did it!  Tommy & his beloved wife, Betsy, lived happily ever after in freedom.


P.S.  I forgot to take a final picture of them together in freedom.  You'll just have to imagine how wonderful it was:)

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